Terms & Conditions

By registering at Stars Lega, a multi sports APP, you agree to be bound by the following conditions.

Applications and Registration

  • Please note, it is not a betting APP to win money and not even a prediction providing platform. However, it is simply to make FIXTURES a bit more interesting for the USERS to mention their GUESS about winning team based on their past experience to win virtual goods (COINS) and to gain a GLOBAL RANKING.
  • All requests for participation in the game application must be strictly in accordance with the relevant instructions. No requests will be accepted in any other way. Where your application is accepted, you will become known as the "USER / USERS" in the terms below.
  • Access to the sports wise games, open to all around the world.
  • Free playing features are available and Stars Lega reserves the right to change into paid at any point of time.
  • The Stars Lega reserves the right to suspend and delete teams or tournaments containing team names or league names deemed inappropriate or offensive. Depending on the severity of the situation, the entire user account may be deleted without notice.
  • If the name of team or the name of USER is considered inappropriate, Stars Lega reserves the right to reject it. Any names rejected are changeable on Stars Lega within seven days. If the alternate name is rejected again, the applicant act will be treated as a breach of terms and conditions.
  • Any personal information provided in accordance with the Privacy Policy will be governed by the Stars Lega.
  • Stars Lega support team is always there, so If you face any issue, feel free to complain accordingly by email STARSLEGA@GMAIL.COM
  • Stars Lega is cautious in disclosing any personal information about yourself in any message board currently or in future.